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Welcome to our Parcha blog where we will cover valuable content to help you reduce stress with topics and resources related to your business, product, and brand. We will discuss the latest trends in marketing, design, branding, and advertising.

As part of our introduction, we are pleased to officially present your new creative agency. We are a team that was born creative and willing to improve the first impression of your business. As today is a special day, I invite you to learn about the story of our creator and founder, Dagmarie Reyes!

With over 6 years of experience

In the world of design, Dagmarie started as a freelancer and in that process decided to create the Parcha agency due to the great exposure she has had during all these years. Now, she has managed to bring together a creative and brilliant team, which of course, we will talk about in another article so that you can get to know their story and trajectory.

Dagmi Reyes, author of two books and passionate about the business world, decided to study a Bachelor’s degree in Marketing at the University of the Sacred Heart. During that time, when she graduated, she discovered her passion for events and decided to do a post-bachelor’s degree in event production and marketing. In addition, with her vocation for the arts of communication, she studied a Master’s degree in Advertising and an MBA in digital business to support businesses in Puerto Rico to innovate their business model.

With her passion, perseverance, and creativity, she has managed to impact different projects such as:

  • In less than 1 year, together with the Non-Profit Organization Encalma with Dr. Yarissa Tolentino, she has designed more than twelve impactful book covers that have become bestsellers in the market!
  • At the Estética y Spa Expo, at the Puerto Rico Convention Center, she worked on the 4 editions together with President Elsie Pacheco. The latest edition won the award for best organization given by the World Spa Organization.
  • She is the creative director of Solapreneurs Magazine with Virginia Rivera, the president of Solapreneurs. Their beautiful magazine has impacted thousands of women solopreneurs in Puerto Rico, the United States, and Latin America!
  • She was one of the 15 semifinalists in the EMPODERAME contest and managed to impact the judges with her Pitch for the Parcha project.
  • And of course, she has created different quality projects that with her experience, have managed to make each product, business, event, and book a success.

So, are you ready to start your project with our agency?

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